Thugg Journey


From Chris Bell Coverted as a changed Person Today.


My legal name now is Bishup Rich Wealth and has been since may 22nd, 2016. I was born young Christopher Bell in Queens, New York on December 26, 1972. From the beginning, I was a hoodlum, gangster, Thug who cared about no one and nothing except for the things in life that made me happy. It was through this tragic beginning and way of life that ultimately led to my salvation. This book is a journey and a testimonial that takes you through the events that have changed my life and turned me from a lost soul to a worldwide soul winner. This book is for educational purposes and is based on the true story of Bishop Bell who was living a Thug hoodlum life and later became a humble messenger for GOD. He has learned to live with humility through the T.H.U.G.G. (True Homies Under God’s Grace) organization.


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