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"T.H.U.G.G Journey Part 2 ( Raw and Uncut)" by Bishup Rich Wealth

This true story is about Bishop Bell, and his spiritual life going to shambles behind a divorce that led him back in a world of addictions with alcohol and cigarettes that haunted him, and had him in denial for the next eight years while trying to reach success as becoming a middle-aged man. No matter how bad he could not shake the addiction of the cigarettes and sexual encounters with women. Bishop Bell is determining for success and fortune and fame like his favorite celebrity icons. No matter the pain he experiences on his journey he knows that he will finally get their one day no matter how long it takes. Bishop Bell, exposes his sins and down falls, and wants the reader to know that you are not alone through his raw and uncut message he brings out about darkness before shining in the bright light once again.


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